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Tamashii Dane
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Tamashii Dane Mathematicus is most probably my favorite musician. Every single song is topically interesting and audibly beautiful. The artists who help out on her music are also amazing people and every video she's ever made has impressed and enthralled me.
Love infinitum. Favorite track: Crooked: A Song for Pinkamena Diane Pie.
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A chronology of all of my mistakes from the past 3 years
1. Saddle Arabia - March 24, 2013
2. Fixing Fluttershy [Reflective Edit] - September 11, 2013
3. Cheerilee’s Garden - October 29, 2013
4. Crooked: A Song for Pinkamena Diane Pie - December 7, 2013
5. Night Breeze & Summer Air - December 23, 2013
6. Are the Characteristics of Having Swagger Codependent on One's Self Percieved Swag - March 30, 2014
7. Crab - April 18, 2014
8. Seaside Slumber [Recursive Edit] - October 2, 2014
9. Contrast - December 1, 2014
10. 3sadlove - December 20, 2014
11. Make It Like... Rocking - February 10, 2015
12. Blue Fast - February 22, 2015
13. (resq) down under - March 31, 2016
14. Rarity † Fluttershy: I. Toils, II. You and I - August 2, 2016




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Track Name: Freewave + Mathematicus - Cheerilee's Garden
Now a teachers duty is as defined
to blossom her students who lag far behind
She’s done everything to be good and kind
but what to do when it snaps her mind

Out of the classroom lies a flower bed
but sadly most flowers are winding up dead
but what to do if those blooms wont grow
better pull out the weeds coming from below

In Cheerielle’s garden
As her emotions harden
Will any pony escape
Or will they meet their fate

Now Cheerilee’s garden is full of weeds
They overtake her flowers, like tiny thieves
There’s applebloom, sweetie belle, and scootaloo
Snips and Snails will meet their end too

Will you root for tiara and silver spoons fate
Will you just sit back and watch our play
Will you continue reading something rotten
Will you bare the pain or push the button

In Cheerielle’s garden
As her emotions harden
Will any pony escape
Or will they meet their fate

As you watch this play come to a close.
Pray you aren’t a weed and are the rose
Play close attention as your teacher speaks
or beware those tears flowing down your cheeks

In Cheerielle’s garden
As her emotions harden
Will any pony escape
Or will they meet their fate
Track Name: Mathematicus + Dr. Dycer - Crooked: A Song for Pinkamena Diane Pie
Once upon a time there was a crooked tree and a straight tree. And they grew next to each other. And every day the straight tree would look at the crooked tree and he would say, "You're crooked. You've always been crooked and you'll continue to be crooked. But look at me! Look at me!" said the straight tree. He said, "I'm tall and I'm straight." And then one day the lumberjacks came into the forest and looked around, and the manager in charge said, "Cut all the straight trees." And that crooked tree is still there to this day, growing strong and growing strange.

Prelude I:
Isn't it strange that they all come,
say they're having so much fun.
Should have known it all along,
they're all liars,
they're just happy to be gone!

Act I: Despair
Gone. They've all gone to their homes, but I don't think I'm alone.
There's someone else in me, and it laughs and tells me Pinkie,
can't you see they're lieing, they just want to use you,
hurt you and abuse you; all their little secrets.
Come now stop your crying, I'll make you feel better,
we can work together, make them laugh forever.
All you need to do is let me posses you.
And we can see this through.
Can't you see...

I'm crooked look at me. I am the crooked tree.
Just look into the eyes of crooked Pinkie Pie.
I giggle at the pain, the ghostie in my brain,
desires in my head, the blackness in my mind.
The hunger must be fed, my demon satisfied.
I tried to laugh out out, but the burning only grew.
It tortures me inside, so I think I'll torture you.

Prelude II:
Slice and dice it looks so nice I pay the price with sacrifice and
slice and dice it looks so nice I Pay The Price With Sacrifice and

Act II: Descent
Take. They laugh so hard they cry. They beg to let them die.
We're having so much fun! Why would you want to go?
There's so much left to do. I need to find more friends,
so they can party too. Come in and have a seat,
let me help you with your coat. Hush now it's time to eat.
Just shove it down your throat! Now lay your sleepy head.
It's time to go to bed.
Now you see...

> To Chorus

Prelude III:
So this is what you wanted, girl? This is what you wanted, now?
I hope you had a good time, girl. So did you have a good time, now?
'Cause its all done, Darling its all done, now.
This is what you've done, so enjoy it, now!
Make it wonderful, this is wonderful, now.
Like a chef-d'œuvre: this your art, now.
So bring it out... Let it out! Sing your brand new song,
Your friends are all gone, you are so far...

Act III: Crooked Joy
Gone. This is how I am you see, this is what I want to be.
Hear them laugh but I need more, guess that's what this knife is for.
Play dress up with their hide, watch them beg and scream and plea.
Feel the friendship deep inside, when my friends are inside me!
Strapped down, nice and tight, now we're ready to begin.
Cut them gently to excite, then slowly twist it in.
I love the way you sing.
Sing with me...

> To Chorus

But if you're kind of worried,
And your face has made a frown,
I'll work real hard and do my best
To turn that sad frown upside down!
'Cause I love to make you grin, grin, grin
Yes I do!
Bust it out from ear to ear,
Let it begin!
Track Name: Mathematicus - Are the Characteristics of Having Swagger Codependent on One's Self Percieved Swag ft. Digibro & Le Soldat Pony
swag! swag! swag! swag!

one time for your mind
digi-b, mathie, solly, 2014, swagger, here we go
i'm about to get wild on some pony ass
fuck it, roll the fuck'n window down, put it on the gas
applejack get'n jacked with me in the back seat
5th of jack, fuck'n just jacked off 'n e'rthang

let me come and lay a motherfucking beat down
grab 'em by their teeth and drag their skinny asses down town
niggas want the ruckus, imma bust it on your face
now, flip it for me, grip it and you just say nothing but "bliss" now

this isn't a motherfucking my little pony episode, motherfucker
this is a dirty dream that's gripping swag, it was scary, nigga
this tell tales the dark you heard about in 40 winks AD
except i'm the motherfucking darkness in the street

applejack brings the motherfucking muscle
math and solly bring the motherfucking hustle
this ain't about love and toleration
this about taking out the whole entire nation
this about grabbing all the haters by the throat
and bitch slapping their asses till they can't hate no more

and you know it!
master-D, that's the voice you heard flowing
getting demonic on the mother fucking track, oh
who am i kidding, this act is really fucking whack, few

i don't even know what smag means, on the real though.
2014, math, solly, digi

swag! swag! swagger! swagger! swagger! swag! swag!
Track Name: Mathematicus ❤ Cats Millionaire - Crab ft. And The Rainfall
Und es gab ein Kreatur des Wasser,
Die große und hässlich war.
Und jeden Morgen,
Er an den Strand kriechen würde
Und suchen schöne Edelsteine.
Eines Morgens,
Traf er den magischsten
Aller Edelsteine.
Aber als er versuchte,
Sie nach Hause zu bringen,
Kämpfte sie und kämpfte sie,
Bis sie ihn getötet.

Well I guess you're looking for trouble then...
Are you?!
'Cause you found it!

You could smash my carapace,
Snap my eye-stocks off,
I don't flipper give a ship.
My life was swimming worthless,
right until you came along!

Unreleased Dismissal:
You could tie me up with a fishnet and
You could fry me up in a pony pan
I would love the pain knowing why it came
You could hide my shell buried in the sand
Track Name: Mathematicus + Cherax Destructor - Contrast
> how about i sing you a lullaby?
i love; sing!

> i never felt joy like that before!
> it felt so good i just wanted to keep smiling forever!

> why don't you sing it with me?

just give me love!

that, i am now.

[pinkie & flutters]
i love; sing!

> oh, how wonderful!
Track Name: Mathematicus + APTBR - 3sadlove ft. Sprocket Doggingsworth & Paul Warren
what did you want it for? why did you want the contract?
just to be fed indefinitely? just to be supported indefinitely?
what a bore!
one wants something much more than that; you want to be played with indefinitely!

three sad love
three sad love
three sad love
three sad love

but basically, love... is something we can't put our finger on at all!
we say... we use such words as warmth, tenderness...
but what is the content of love? "i want to screw you"?!

all these things, they don't really get to the point.
when you're loving someone, you are simply delighting in that person;
as if another human organism were a piece of music, or a work of art, or a glorious morning!

three sad love (sad love)
sad love, sad love (sad love)
sad love, sad love (sad love)
(love, love, love, love)
sad love, sad love (sad love)
(love, love, love, love)
sad love!
Track Name: Mathematicus - Make It Like... Rocking ft. CxDr & And The Rainfall
let's try to expand on it and make it like

the party doesn't start till we come knocking
mathie on the track and we'll make it like rocking
bringing down the house with seaside slumber
cherax destructor will tear your ears asunder

damned if you hear us, damned if you don’t
this shit so sinful even flameheart kindle
wants in on the next spin - sick beyond helpin’
shut down the borders from our swag contagion

strut down the street with pinkie pie, i'm a
earth pony but i'm flying high, you know my
hooves clip clop down the block, i'd never
stop to talk, lock cock, or clop rock, fucking

we got clop in locked boxes so the cops can’t clock us
get your rainbow rocks off to unshorn fetlocks
foxy fillies with moxy in knee-high socks
it’s so toxic, but oh so erotic

a smorgasbord of unfortunate porn
a cornucopia, ain’t no hope for ya
eat up your scorn for an entrée, this ain’t no disease
i was born to fuck horses and i’ll do as i please

i'm getting dirty with birdies and little bees, and she's
playing with my pinkie, getting kinkie on my knees, and then
slumber walks in, three sexy mares, it's our
lair, we're bare, you dare to stare, don't care

almost there, put the cherry on top
a treat so sweet it’ll make your teeth rot
fill you up ’til you pop but i still won’t stop, no~!

horse bitches fucking shake the flank, and spank

sank to the bottom of the booze tube
we could take it lower for a new view
lets take it down, like we gonna drown, surround
pound the ground, and make a rocking sound, i'm fucking

(i’m fucking) anthro girls, yeah, human where it counts
with those anime eyes and that pouty li’l mouth
your bipedal body is a paradise

but equinuus vaginus is twice as niiice

fucking twice as nice, add some suger and spice, and bake a
pretty pinkie pony cake with pies inside, so i can
lick your suger coating, drink down your cream, then we can
ride a moon beam and have a rotten sweet dream, baby

cool like horchata, you oughta be like me
a pipe dream, untimely, unparalleled rhyme scheme s
mathie destructor to rupture your psyche

and he just told me i want something ~rocking~
and... i tried...
Track Name: Mathematicus + ATW - Blue Fast

See her streaking through the sky,
Gone in a flash!

Time, it slows down to a crawl
Then she’s gone, just like that.

Brilliant blue, and every hue,
Rainbows in her wake.

Queen of the clouds, you know,
Here she comes:

She’s gonna
Fly away.
(Racing to the top, oh yeah!)

Wings spread so
Far and wide.
(Never gonna stop, oh yeah!)

Sun-kissed, and
(Burning up too fast, oh yeah!)

Blue fast is
Never ever gonna die.
(She ain’t gonna last, oh yeah!)
Track Name: Mathematicus + 7th Element + CxDr - (resq) down under
we were all down under at the time
at the time
as far back as i can remember
at the time
down under
cast my mind back
i can remember
the time
do you know what you've done?
it's a process
reach out
and rescue
what you've done
it's a process
where everything changes
do you know what you've done?
you've rescued music
you've rescued music
reach out
and rescue
Track Name: Mathematicus + Art Fonseca - Rarity † Fluttershy: I. Toils, II. You and I
Part I: Toils

gently the days pass, doll.
(days out of doors see them love in the water)
[tender hooves caress]

and toils and furrowed brows
(company kept by two flowers and love)
[flourishing beauty abounds]

will occupy our time
(singing sweet songs with the birds and their friends)
[suffering hidden within]

your hooves clasped within mine.
(labors of love last far into the night)

we were never the types to say no.
(is this not the lot you wanted
did you even think to call and ask for
help to share your burden?)

to the thankless tasks of tomorrow.
(those you love and care for starve without you
this dependency you foster in them
is not kindness)

to the thankful friends and their smiles.
(playfully you play it off as nothing
but the pain you carry in you
festers and consumes you)

to temptations of love and denial.
(oh, the one you care for tortures you with signs of
violence and dependance
so he can abuse you)

to the ones who would bring to us sorrow

[still, go on! these ponies, they need your light.]

but together we are more.

Part II: You and I

you, and i
will go forth and then, we'll die
diamonds and butterflies
turn to dust

through it all
beauty and dreams will fall

(songs of their beauty arise
timeless beyond their demise)

just two girls
lost in a hostile world
swine and pearls
this is our life

through the crowds
lost in their loveless shouts

(famous but lost in the mind
loved ones were left behind)

dream, or ruse?
our friends and abuse
secrets we lose
toils we must

through the days
smiles and scars ingrain

(labor with smiling eyes
building the self over time)

who we are
serpents and minotaurs
royals and haute couture
darling, you're mine